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Sakes Alive! A Cattle Dirve

What happens when cows Molly and Mable steal Farmer’s Truck and cruise town? Read the book and find out!

One day the cows took farmer’s keys,
right from his back pocket.
They tippy-toed to farmer’s truck
and hurried to unlock it.


In Karma’s Words….

It occurred to me one day that cows might like a Cattle Drive where they actually got to steer. (Take or leave that pun.) So I wrote a story about two mischievous and slightly clueless cows (Molly and Mable) who decided to steel farmer’s truck and take a joyride to town. The adventures they experience? Holy cow!

Sometimes I write books with a deeper message. This isn’t one of them. This is pure silliness—and there are times we could all use a little ridiculousness, right?

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