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What Are You Scared of Little Mouse?

A tender tale that will help the youngest children overcome their fears.
Lately, Little Mouse is very SCARED.
He feels frightened all the time,
and is afraid of everything.
Mommy Mouse is very worried.
Very early in the morning, he wakes up with a start. 
“What are you scared of, Little Mouse?”
“I’m afraid of the dark, in case a monster comes and gets me.”
“Look around you, Little Mouse. There aren’t any monsters in your room. You’re just imagining things.”
Little Mouse is very afraid. He’s frightened of everything. Mommy Mouse, who’s always at his side, explains things to him and makes him feel safe. She teaches her child how to conquer one’s fears by looking at them in a different light. 
In the summer, he doesn’t swim in the lake.
“What are you scared of, Little Mouse?”
“I’m afraid of the WATER and the BUGS swimming around it.”
“Look at the frogs, Little Mouse. They’re happy and their tummies are full. If there were any bugs, they’ve already eaten them.”


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