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The Winter Train

Sweet story of friendship and cooperation. The story begins with animals of the Northern Forest getting ready to travel south by train together to avoid the long winter.
“Dawn was breaking in the Northen Forest, as the leaves fell from the trees.
The animals woke up and started to pack their bags…”
First the animals rush around to pack. They say their goodbyes to those who will stay.
“Don’w worry about me,” said White Owl. “
Someone’s got to stay behind and look after the forest. Anyway, I love the cold!”
Tortoise arrives last, and the group sets off.
And so the Winter Train chugged toward the south… Suddenly, Genet jumped out of her seat. “Oh, no!” she cried. “We’ve forgotten Squirrel! We’ve got to go back and get her!” 
So when Squirrel is left behind on the animals’ annual journey south, they return to collect him and then must work together to make a passage through the snow.
A delightful tale of friendship and solidarity, The Winter Train takes young readers on a touching story that brings out the best of everyone!


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