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Matilda’s Cat

Written by Emily Gravett

Matilda, dressed up as her cat, tries many different activities with her cat but none are to his liking.

Climbing trees, playing with wool . . . Matilda is sure that all cats love these things, but her kitty doesn’t seem very enthusiastic. Undaunted, she thinks up new ways to amuse her reluctant playmate. Tea parties? Dressing up? What about a bike ride? Or perhaps a nice book – one about dogs? As the cat goes from nonplussed to terrified, Matilda gets more and more frustrated. After all, what use is a pet if it doesn’t want to play?

But all is not lost. Matilda’s cat does love something very much: MATILDA. 

After her cat has snubbed everything Matilda wants to do, she grumpily puts on her pj’s to go to bed, but all is well: there’s one thing the cat does like, and that’s Matilda.


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