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Can’t Scare Me!

Illustrated by Chris Jevons

Join Kitten for a fun adventure through a spooky house! 

Kitten isn’t scared of anything….or is he? 

Can’t Scare Me! is a fun book that follows a brave kitten through a haunted house where he finally comes face-to-face with something unexpectedly spooky!

With forty (40!) flaps to lift and adorable illustrations, youngsters will love this hands-on book and the unexpected surprises on each page. Children will especially enjoy the secret mirror hidden in the book! 

Let’s follow our Kitten…

It’s a stormy, shadowy, shivery night.
But Kitten walk tall in the pale moonlight.

Look who is hiding in this room…

Can’t scare me! he says, walking by.
“A little gust of wind won’t make me cry.”

A creature makes a terrible wail.
But Kitten’s busy washing his tail.

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