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Kyle Goes Alone

Kyle Goes AloneWritten by Jan Thornhill
Illustrated by Ashley Barron

Kyle, three-toed sloth, has to go. But there’s a problem! He lives high in the rainforest canopy with his mom, and it’s a LONG way down to the forest floor. Like other sloths, Kyle only goes down to the ground once a week when he has to do his “business.” And he’s never made the journey by himself before.

Kyle’s mom says he’s old enough to go alone, but Kyle isn’t sure he’s ready.
It’s so far! And won’t it be lonely? Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much time to decide.

As he descends, Kyle’s worries dissipate when he discovers he’s not really alone. He encounters friendly neighbors like the red-spectacled parrot, whipsnake, tiger-legged monkey tree frog and leaf-cutting ant, all camouflaged in the canopy. With encouragement from his mom, he keeps moving — and makes it just in time.

Wonderful storytelling, with blend in scientific non-fiction.

Sloths do just about everything on trees….except poop!
They poop once a week—and sometimes just once a month.

Beautiful collage artistry!


“…Amidst piles of green and blue painted sheets of paper, penciled up tracing paper, stacks of book-marked reference materials and a confetti explosion of foliage and vine pieces, a little sloth named Kyle was being born.

Kyle was initially shy and fearful of the vast rainforest I was creating around him. All of those blues and greens made him feel cold and lonesome. His little brown body eagerly clung to the vines I cut for him…” 

Click here to read how the illustrator Ashley Barron was working on this book.

You can even WATCH how this adorable character comes to live.


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